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@@Welcome to Hiroshima! This page introduces you to herps of Hiroshima with texits and images. It mainly summarized from "Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Hiroshima Prefecture"(1996) added new knowledge.

About Hiroshima Prefecture

There are 19 species of amphibians and 16 species of reptiles in Hiroshima Prefecture. It has most of amphibians and reptiles in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu except for part of Hokkaido of subarctic zone and the Ryukyu Islands of subtoropical. It is located in the western part of Japan. The geographical features of Hiroshima is formed three different area by dislocation, lowland (elevation:0-300m), plateau area (400-600m) and Chugoku Mountains (1000-1300m).@The southern part of Hiroshima faces the Inland Sea, and warm. On the other hand, it is cold in the northern part, and there is much snowfall. Such geographical features and climate bring about various habitats. For example, geckos are in the warm coast, frogs are in the rice paddy fields, cool salamanders are in the cool mountain streams.@

The riches of nature still abound in this Prefecture. But, there are some signs of Hiroshima's nature declining- It is a familiar creatures' decrease that represented by daruma pond frog (Rana porosa brevipoda). At one time the daruma pond frog distributed widely in eastern coast of Hiroshima. But, many rice fields were made to become dryness in winter to use an agriculture machine. Probably, it caused the decrease of this species. At present, it is only inhabiting 2 point in Hiroshima. In 1995 this species was mentioned as E(Endangered species) by RDB Hiroshima. Also 5 species of amphibians and 2 species of reptiles were mentioned as R(Rare species) .

The map of Hiroshima. shi(city), gun(county), cho(town) .
1. Hiroshima-shi, 2. Hatsukaichi-shi, 3. Otake-shi, 4. Kure-shi, 5. Higashihiroshima-shi, 6.Takehara-shi, 7. Mihara-shi, 8. Fukuyama-shi, 9. Onomichi-shi, 10. Fuchu-shi, 11. Miyoshi-shi, 12. Shobara-shi, 13. Aki-gun, 14. Toyota-gun, 15. Saiki-gun, 16. Yamagata-gun, 17. Takata-gun, 18. Kamo-gun, 19. Futami-gun, 20. Sera-gun, 21. Mitugi-gun, 22. Fukayasu-gun, 23. Ashina-gun, 24. Jinseki-gun, 25. Konu-gun, 26. Hiba-gun, 27. Innoshima-shi, 28. Numakuma-gun

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