Japanese Grass Lizard
Takydromus tachydromoides

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Description : Adult 18-25 cm TL, 5-7 cm SVL. Japanese grass lizards are slender, long tails and rough to the feel their skins. The back is brown or dark brown in color. The belly is white or yellow. Squarish scals present on a body and tail. This species is the most common lizards in Hiroshima.

Habitat and Habits : This species typically inhabits grasslands, also is found in a variety of habitat such as garden of houses, edge of rice fields, slopes along roads and paths of woodland. They are active in the daytime, and eat insects or spiders. They sleep under leaves or on the grass.

Breeding : Japanese grass lizards breed in spring to summer. Females deposit 2-6 eggs in a base of grass, and may lay some more clutches per year. They hatch in about 2 months. Hatchlings are about 7 cm TL.

Range : This species occurs throughout Hiroshima. It ranges from cost to the top of the Chugoku Mountains.

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