Japanese Pond Turtle
Mauremys japonica

photo by Taeko Utsunomiya, June 1993.

Description : Adult carapace length 13-18cm. Japanese pond turtles are yellowish brown in color. The head is olive brown. It has a indistinct keel on it's back. Behind of carapace is notched. Edge of limbs and tails have orange or dark orange lines. Females larger than males. Males have long tails.

Habitat and Habits : This species inhabits cool streams or ponds in the mountains. It is usually found cold and fast-flowing water. Their food items are water insects, snails, tadpoles, frogs, weeds and fruits. This species hibernates in the bottom of streams or ponds.

Breeding : A female deposits 4-10 eggs in a relatively dry underground burrow. Females may lay 1-3 clutches per season. Eggs are often eaten by mamals such as racoon dogs, weasels and four-lined snakes. They hatch in 2-3 months.

Range : This species occurs throughout Hiroshima except islands.

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