Chinese Soft Shell Turtle
Pelodiscus sinensis

photo by Sumio Okada, Hiroshima-shi, 0ctober 2000.

Description : Adult carapace length 20-35 cm. The Chinese soft shell turtle has a flat, smooth, soft and rubbery carapace and a snorkel like snout. The back is olive, dark green or gray and the plastron is white or pink in color. This species is bred for food in Futami-gun and Toyota-gun.

Habitat : This species inhabits slow-flowing rivers or ponds with sand or mud buttom. Occationally, they are found basking on stones, but they are quick and good swimmer so difficult to catch. A fisherman catches this turtle by fishing or hand with walking around shallow water at night.

Breeding : In a farm, this species mates in April to May. Females lay eggs underground in May to August. They hatch in 2-3 months.

Range : This species distributed Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indochina, Hawaii and Japan. They occur throughout Hiroshima except the Chugoku Mountains and islands.

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