Japanese Five-lined Skink
Eumeces latiscutatus

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Descriptions : Adult 20-25 cm TL. Japanese five-lined skinks are smooth and shiny-scaled. The Juveniles have metallic blue tails and five golden stripes running on it's back and side. Some adult females retain juvenile's color. Adult males are brown in color, dark brown belt on each side of the body, become a orange color on their under jows, bellies and lips during the breeding season.

Habitat : Japanese five-lined skinks are found in shiny sites with hiding places such as outcrops and slopes along the roads and stone walls.

Breeding : Mating occurs in April to May. Male are aggressive against other males. Females deposit eggs in under stone or underground burrows, and take care of her eggs. Eggs hatch in 31-35 days.

Range : This species occurs throughout Hiroshima. They are found at the Hiroshima Peace Park, Hroshima-shi.

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