Unclear word

Japanese is complicated.
It's translated into a word different in a translation software.
Several examples are indicated.

Translation mistake This is right.
Mint -> Sand casting
Hammering -> Forging
black Mory -> Chrome molybdenum steel
SANITORA -> Datsun B120
SUTEN -> Stainless.
TAKO (Octopus-like legs) -> Manifold Assy-Exhaust
Normal -> Standard
NONASU -> Asbestos isn't being used.
Tuning UP -> Remodeling for performance improvement
Lace -> Race
lacing -> Racing
L.S.D. -> Limited Slip Diff
Opt' -> Option (Valuable old Race part in NISSAN)
TS -> Touring Sports (Racing car of a marketing car base)
TS cup -> Race by vehicle of B310 type and KP61 type
TRD -> Toyota Racing Development
-> It was remodeled.
() -> Laugh

If there is a word which doesn't know the meaning, please question.
The translation software is this incomplete.
A mutual word can't be understood.
The correct grammar which has no wrong words needs a letter.