Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What is your Blood Type?

"What's your blood type?" This is one of the most casually asked questions among Japanese people. No one would be offended or perplexed; rather they would be ready to answer, "Mine is O" or "Mine is A."

Many Japanese believe that one's blood type has a lot to do with one's personality. I don't know why, but it has been very popular for decades. There are a lot of books published about how your blood type determines your personality. Young boys and girls know very well which type is right for which type, when it comes to having dates.

My blood type is O. A person with the type O is said to be powerful, but poor at keeping things neat and tidy. Well, I am not so powerful. But it is true I am not good at clearing things up. My desk is piled with unarranged documents and books. My coworkers frown and ask me what my blood type is. When they find it is O, they always say, "Oh, that's exactly what I've expected! Yes, you must be O!" They never ask me if my blood type is O before I tell it to them. It is always after I tell them.

I don't believe in this blood type things. It is unscientific and nonsense. But I am in the minority in my country. I quess over 80 persent believe in it.

When I was young, I was invited by my boss to his home. At first I didn't know why he invited me, but later I found that he wanted me to meet his daughter. This might be a wrong guess, but I believe he was thinking of me as one of the candidates for her marriage. He introduced her to me, and we greeted each other. I remember quite well what she said to me just after that. She said, "What is your blood type?" I wished I could kick her and leave his house immediately.