Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How to Urinate

Sorry for a vulgar topic.

I just want to know how Western gentlemen use toilets when they urinate. Because there has been a change in the way we do it. Decades ago, no Japanese boys or men sat on the seat when they urinate. But now there are many who have started sitting.

To understand why we didn't sit, you have to know something about Japanese toilets. We didn't use Western-style toilets. For men, we had the same type of toilets as you see in your public lavatories. They were used only for urination, of course. Womens used another type of toilets which are like a hole. Men also used them when they move vowels. You had to squat down over them.

These days Japanese have begun to stop using Japanese-style toilets. Instead Western-style ones have been introduced in most houses. It was when I was a high school student that I saw that kind of toilet for the first time in my life. Since we didn't know how to use them, there was an explanation on each toilet about how to use them. It said that, if you are a man, you must raise the U-shaped seat when you urinate. I did as I was told, but I didn't like using them, because it was difficult for me to put my water exactly into the pot!

Not only me but many Japanese men must have felt that way. Some of them (including me) have thought of a better way. If we sit, we will never miss! Then our wives will stop complaining that the floor gets dirty from spills. I guess that more than half the Japanese men sit when they urinate.

Now, my question is whether Westerners also sit, or the explanation on the toilets I saw is also correct in Western countries. It doesn't involve my life at all, but I really want to know!