Foods and Cultures

Foods and Cultures is a group for foreigners to learn Japanese cooking and for Japanese to learn foreign cooking. We have cooking once in a while and have fun time learning cooking and also communicating with each other. Since this group started, We have had various foreign cookings such as Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Brazilian, Mexican, Korean, Taiwanese, etc.
This group also have gatherings to celebrate Japanese occasions such as Hanami (cherry blossom-viewing picnic), Hinamatsuri (the Doll's Festival), and New Year's.

"Mexican Night" at Suminoe Church in Otaru, November 20 (Sun), 2010.

Making Polisch gnocchi "Kopytka" on July 10, 2010



On Mar 27, 2010, we enjoyed the making of Bangladesh curry and had the chance to know the traditional customs and cultures sharing by the students coming from Bangladesh.

We had a Japanese Cooking on Nov. 16th. 3 women from France, Philippines, and Indonesia participated and Mrs. Tamura taught us how to cook Japanese oden, kinpira and norimaki. Even though it was the first time for them to cook them, they were all delicious!



 Tiwanese Dimsum (Oct. 14th 2006)