International Day

"International Day" is our biggest annual event. The purpose of this event is to establish oppurtunities for both foreigners and Japanese living in Hokkaido to meet, communicate and get to know each other through experiencing multicultures together. There are food boothes from around 20 countries. Also there is a stage on which volunteer entertainers from various countries make their performance shows like singing traditional songs, traditional dances, etc. There are about 1,000 people come and enjoy the International Day every year. Many volunteers including students from college/high school take part in it and kindly help us carry out this annual event successfully.

The 12th International Day Festival ended successfully.

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Thank you to everyone that has supported us to hold the event!

11th International Day

The 11th "International Day" was held successfully on 2010/09/26 (SUN). There were about 1000 people participating in the event. Through games playing, booths selling traditional food from 15 countries and performance shows (singing, dancing, music playing, etc) made by various countries, the participants were able to experience the intercultural exchange. We would like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers helping in the event.